Distinguished Leader Lecture Series
George Ariyoshi:  Political Leadership
Former Governor of Hawai‘i
First American of Japanese Ancestry to be Elected Governor of a State


David Ezra:  Ethics and Judicial Leadership
Chief Judge at the District Level for Hawai‘i
Youngest Federal Judge in Hawai‘i History


Eric Olson:  Military Leadership
Major General, United States Army
Former Commanding General for the US-led Combined Joint Task Force in Afghanistan


Charles Salmon:  International Relations and Leadership
Foreign Policy Advisor, Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies
Former United States Ambassador


Nainoa Thompson:  Community Leadership
President of the Polynesian Voyaging Society
Navigator of the Hokule‘a Voyaging Canoe



Examples of Presenters


Charles Morrison , President, East-West Center (PhD, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies) – “Community Building in the Asia Pacific”
Teaching/research interests: Asia-Pacific international relations, economics, and security issues; the APEC forum; U.S.-Asia security and trade policy; U.S.-Japan relations


Namji Steinemann , Director, East-West Center AsiaPacificEd Program – “Interculturalism, Power, and Legitimacy”
Teaching/research interests: Education about the Asia-Pacific region, international education, leadership in education


Roger Ames , Professor of Philosophy, University of Hawai‘i-Manoa (PhD, University of London) – “Dualities and Communities”
Teaching/research interests: Comparative philosophy, the philosophy of culture, environmental philosophy, classical Confucianism, and Daoism


Leonard Andaya , Professor of Southeast Asian History, University of Hawai‘i-Manoa (PhD, Cornell University) – “Malay Meta-narratives”
Teaching/research interests: Southeast Asian history (esp. Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines), ethnic identity formation


Barbara Andaya , Professor of Southeast Asian History, University of Hawai‘i-Manoa (PhD, Cornell University) – “Legitimacy, Gender, and Power in Southeast Asia”
Teaching/research interests: Women and gender in early modern Southeast Asia; social issues in contemporary Southeast Asia; religious change in Southeast Asia


Peter Xenos , Senior Fellow, East-West Center Population Studies Program (PhD, University of Chicago) – “Demography and Transitions”
Teaching/research interests: Adolescent sexuality in Asian societies, especially the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Nepal; Asian and Pacific youth issues; family and marriage patterns; historical demography of Southeast Asia.


Andrew Mason , Senior Fellow, East-West Center Population Studies Program (PhD, University of Michigan) – “Demography is Destiny?”
Teaching/research interests: Economic development and population change; human resources; impact of demographic change on saving, spending patterns, and the public sector; aging and the role of the family in Japan; household projections


Michael Douglass , Professor of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Hawai‘i-Manoa (PhD, UCLA) – “Civic Space in Asia”
Teaching/research interests: Globalization and urban policy, urban environmental management and rural-urban linkages, environmental management and relationships between culture and power (with emphasis on Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore)


Fereidun Fesharaki, Chairman, FACTS Global Energy (PhD, University of Surrey, England) – “Energy Market Trends in the Asia Pacific”
Teaching/research interests: Energy policy and planning in Asia; OPEC and the global outlook; oil and gas market analysis and the downstream petroleum sector


Eileen Shea , Former Project Coordinator, East-West Center – “Climate Change in the Asia Pacific”
Teaching/research interests: Climate assessment and forecast applications; environmental science, assessment, and public policy; societal applications of climate and global change research; ocean and coastal resource management; science for sustainable development


Tim Brown , Senior Fellow, East-West Center (PhD, University of Hawai‘i-Manoa) – “HIV/AIDS in Asia”
Teaching/research interests: Infectious disease and behavioral epidemiology; risk behaviors and epidemiology of HIV/AIDS and STDs in Asia and the Pacific; public policy for HIV/AIDS prevention and care; international collaboration on health issues, children, and HIV/AIDS; modeling of HIV/AIDS transmission and impacts


Nancy Lewis , Director, East-West Center Research Program (PhD, University of California-Berkeley) – “Gender, Health Risk, and Climate”
Teaching/research interests: Health and development; the geography of health and disease; human ecology; the environment, gender, climate change, and human health; the human dimensions of global change; sustainability science.


David Cohen , Director, UC-Berkeley War Crimes Center (PhD, Cambridge; JD, UCLA) – “Human Rights and the Asia Pacific”
Teaching/research interests: Legal history, international humanitarian law, war crimes trials, human rights


Sumner LaCroix , Chair, Department of Economics, University of Hawai‘i-Manoa (PhD, University of Washington) – “Mirages and Miracles”
Teaching/research interests: Japanese economic reforms; intellectual property rights; trade and the World Trade Organization; China's economy


Dieter Ernst , Senior Fellow, East-West Center Economics Program (PhD, Universitaet Bremen, Germany) – “Networks of Innovation and Chinese Economic Transformation”
Teaching/research interests: Global production networks and local capability clusters, industrial policy alternatives in the globalizing economy


Tianshu Chu , Fellow, East-West Center Economics Program (PhD, University of Minnesota) – “The WTO and China”
Teaching/research interests: International economics; development economics and transitional economy; macroeconomics


Muthiah Alagappa , Former Director, East-West Center Washington (PhD, Tufts University) – “Legitimacy and Change”
Teaching/research interests: International politics and security in Asia Pacific; regional institution building; Asian comparative politics with a focus on political change and constitution of political authority


Dick Baker , Special Assistant to the President, East-West Center (MPA, Princeton University) – “National Narratives of Indonesia”
Teaching/research interests: Foreign policy and policymaking; Asia Pacific regionalism, including the APEC forum; Southeast Asian politics and foreign policies; Indonesia's political economy


Dru Gladney , Professor of Asian Studies and Anthropology, University of Hawai‘i-Manoa (PhD, University of Washington) – “Creating Identity”
Teaching/research interests: issues of cross-border identifications, under-development, sedentarization, and cultural preservation (esp. Central Asia)


Christopher McNally , Fellow, East-West Center (PhD, University of Washington) – “Democratic Transitions” and “China in Transition”
Teaching/research interests: East-Asian comparative politics, regional specialization, international relations, political economy


Zhongxiang Zhang , Fellow, East-West Center (PhD, Wageningen University, the Netherlands) – “The Kyoto Protocol”
Teaching/research interests: Climate economics and policy; energy and environmental economics; energy and environmental policy in China; trade and the environment


Kamarulzaman Askandar , Regional Coordinator, Southeast Asia Conflict Studies Network, Universiti Sains Malaysia (PhD, Bradford University, UK) – “Conflict Resolution”
Teaching/research interests: Peace studies, conflict resolution, Southeast Asian history