The APLP Experience: Navigating ChangeProblem solving and intercultural exercises on Molokai Island (10 nationalities represented)

The APLP experience is first and foremost about change.

Coursework and discussions engage critical processes of change affecting the region now and in the future. By stepping out of specific individual areas of expertise (for example by discipline or country) and developing new analytic and leadership approaches participants come to have changed perspectives. New insights on regional processes are coupled with opportunities to test and develop one's leadership capacity through experiential work with diverse co-participants. 

The outcome of this process is an ability APLP Fellows gather supplies for a Mekong Delta school renovation projectnot only to cope with, or understand change, but to lead it.

Leaders who can successfully navigate change require creative vision and the capacity to chart and act upon that vision. The APLP experience is designed to yield just these sorts of outcomes. Embracing and leading change takes time. The APLP is designed as a nine month program in order to maximize the depth and breadth of learning. The program grows from building an introductory base in the early weeks to applied leadership activities in the spring term. Each phase of the program has a distinct purpose and connection to the whole.