APLP Experience: First Semester (August - December 2018)

The APLP is an immersion program requiring full commitment from all participants. During the first semester (August to December) it is not possible to take courses or to work outside the program due to the intensity of the schedule.  During the second semester, participants design their own experience. 

Sample weekly syllabi from the Fall 2016 semester are available as well:

You can also view past APLP curriculum to see how it evolves from year to year:


APLP Core Content
APLP Fellows discuss a case study

The APLP curriculum is designed as an integrated whole. First semester coursework moves through a series of thematic ‘modules’ where regional, leadership and professional development content intersect. Each module has a mixture of pedagogic approaches designed to tap different learning styles and maximize individual and collective learning:

  • Manifest: Building a base, mapping who we are and where we are going
  • What’s going on?: Emerging regional issues, charting (seeing and mapping trends)
  • What types of leadership are required?: Understanding the nature of leadership, leading diversity (filters)
  • Experience: Field Study in either China or New York and Washington, DC
  • Analysis: Engaging critical themes, current affairs, master classes, networks
  • Where do you fit?: Interregnum, professional development, career action plans, portfolios
  • Visioning: Imagining preferred and alternative futures, building scenarios, identifying networks of support
  • Change: Navigating uncertainty, transition and adversity, developing resilience
  • Reflection: Gauge process of learning to mid-point of APLP experience, launch second phase


The APLP strives to balance its vision for integrated leadership education with the specific goals of individual participants. In the first semester, evaluation of participant progress occurs in three areas: 1) Understanding regional trends; 2) Leadership development; and 3) Professional development. Put colloquially, the three main areas of focus are:


  • What's Going On? (Regional Issues)
  • What Type of Leadership is Required?
  • Where Do You Fit? (Professional Development)


In each of these areas there is extensive room for participants to select their own goals and outcomes upon which to be evaluated.  These goals are developed before coming to the APLP and refined once here.  Examples of goals include: securing funding for further graduate work at premier institutions, developing new career options, dealing with issues specific to past or current work places, building new organizations and developing specific skill sets.