APLP Experience: Second Semester
Internships (Spring 2008)  (pdf)

The purpose of the APLP Internship is to provide critical training in your area of professional interest and to allow APLP fellows to apply knowledge gained during the first five months of the program in an actual organizational setting in Asia Pacific or the U.S.

Examples of Past Internships

Hong Kong: Hong Kong–America Center at the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Bangkok: UN Population Fund
Hanoi: Oxfam Quebec
Ho Chi Minh: US Commercial Service (housed in US Consulate General) - - [Alumni Testimony]
Singapore: Credit Suisse
Washington DC: Asia Society
Washington DC: IMF/World Bank’s Gender Entrepreneurship Markets Program
Boulder, Colorado: Naropa Buddhist University -- [Alumni Testimony]
Honolulu: Pacific Islands Development Program, EWC
Honolulu: Hawaii Women's Business Center
Honolulu: Japan-America Institute of Management Science and Good Beginnings Alliance -- [Alumni Testimony]

Whether organizing Fulbright programs in China at the Hong Kong-America Center, analyzing the effectiveness of UN Adolescent Health Programs in Southeast Asia, or developing gender programs at the World Bank, APLP Internships promise` substantive work and professional growth. Each year the opportunities change and evolve. Internships are competitive and never guaranteed. Internships are unpaid or partially paid. The APLP Internship Coordinator works in collaboration with participants to identify meaningful Internships using the EWC network and participants’ professional networks.

APLP Fellows network at the World Bank. Thuan Le (second from right) interned with Gender Entrepreneurship Markets at the IFC/World Bank.