APLP Experience: Second Semester

Assisting the Thai Red Cross with tsunami relief work in Bangkok

Applied Leadership Project/Legacy Project

APLP Projects provide an opportunity to apply conceptual models about leadership, make a positive impact on the community. and customize learning to personal goals. Many projects continue after graduation and become a sustainable Legacy Project for future generations of APLP fellows, the East-West Center and other communities. For example:

Hokule‘a Education Program

Thirty years ago, before the maiden voyage of the Hokule‘a voyaging canoe to Tahiti in 1976, the East-West Center was instrumental in the incubation of the Polynesian Voyaging Society (PVS). In December 2006, PVS President, Nainoa Thompson, invited APLP generation six to coordinate educational outreach for the historic 2007 voyage of the Hokule’a to Micronesia and Japan. To sustain the impact of the voyage, a values-based education program was developed to connect students around Asia Pacific. Teachers and students from across the Hawaiian Islands, Micronesia, and Japan sailed on a virtual voyage, building a learning community through blogs, online tracking maps, satellite phone calls with the crew, e-pal friendships and school profiles. An international essay contest was also launched.  APLP alumni Paulina Yourupi (generation six), a member of the APLP education team from Chuuk, sailed onboard the Hokule‘a in Micronesia, and Kyoko Ikeda (generation six) joined the crew in Japan.

-- Hokule‘a Education Program

The Peace and Conflict Resolution Working Group (PCRW)

The Peace and Conflict Resolution Working Group (PCRW) was established in 2002 to address pressing issues of conflict and peacebuilding in Asia Pacific. Its founders--APLP alumni Kirk Lange (generation two) and Dewardric McNeal (generation two) -- sought to build on the EWC’s long history of citizen diplomacy and contribute to the Center’s aim of a peaceful, prosperous, and just Asia Pacific community. PCRW hosts dialogues on topics of current debate including a televised town hall meeting titled Iraq Crisis: What are the Alternatives? and most recently a senior-level policy forum at the EWC titled "EU-PRC Weapons Ban Summit: What are the Implications for East Asia, Taiwan, and Cross Strait Relations?" (pdf)

Sifting sand together in Sri Lanka

Habitat for Sri Lanka

Founded by Kathy Tran (generation four), Habitat for Sri Lanka is a team of dedicated APLP fellows, alumni and University of Hawai’i students, who committed to building houses in low-income areas, and contributed to reconstruction efforts in areas affected by the tsunami disaster. After raising $10,000, in June 2005 the team built three complete homes with the Sri Lankan families that now live in them.

Research Project

The Research Project provides interested fellows, particularly those continuing their graduate education or applying for positions in academia, the opportunity to design, research, write and publish a short professional article on a subject of personal interest. Participants may work with an EWC Researcher on a current project. See the EWC List of Active Research Projects .

Past APLP Research Projects have included:

  • IT Trends in Thailand and Impact on National Economy
  • U.S. Prison System and Judicial Prejudices
  • Filipino Diaspora and Transnationalism
  • Banking Practices and Corruption in three Southeast Asian countries
  • Native Hawaiian Language Schools
  • Maritime Agreements in the South China Sea

Outstanding research is submitted to the EWC Publications office for consideration for the Working Paper series.