PROGRAM COSTS AND FUNDING 2018 - 2019 (Subject to Adjustment)
Upon entry, all participants are awarded an Asia Pacific Leadership Fellowship. The Fellowship is used to cover the majority of program fees, provision of learning materials, electronic and print materials, transportation to most off-site locations, other travel and excursions, specialized workshops, and health insurance. The estimated value of these items is approximately $13,000.  For the fall semester, APLP applicants need to cover additional expenses beyond the EWC Entrance Fellowship - these additional expenses are estimated to be US $12,618 (not including airfare).  Supplementary scholarships are available to assist APLP Fellows with the costs indicated below.  On average, 75% of APLP Fellows receive scholarships to defray the costs of participating in the program.



Costs to Participants (Fall Semester, 4-month residency in Honolulu)

All fellows are responsible for these charges.  Please refer to APLP scholarships for assistance with the following costs:

Fall Semester (August 29, 2018 – December 12, 2018)


EWC Program Fees

 $ 7,000


 $ 1,568 (98 nights on-campus)

Living Expenses

 $ 3,450 (approximate)

Field Experience Expenses

 $  600

Round Trip Air Travel to Honolulu



  $ 12,618 (not including airfare)





Spring Semester (January 2, 2019 – May 3, 2019)

APLP Fellowship activities for the Second Term take place virtually through internet-based platforms, therefore there are no costs for completing the Second Term.  Fellows are free to return to their home countries [and former employment], as all required assignments can be completed independently and submitted through internet-based platforms.  The typical time commitment for Second Term assignments is 3 – 4 hours per week (ex: monthly updates, a capstone project and final portfolio).  The Second Term of the APLP is designed to provide the time, space and institutional support for participants to pursue individual career plans and professional goals. It is a time to activate the learning from the First Term in practical application and to deepen the leadership learning process.

Additional Spring Semester Options:


In addition to the independent, internet-based assignments required for the APLP Fellowship Second Term, APLP Fellows may also choose to independently pursue activities such as internships, coursework or applied leadership projects. Most APLP Fellows undertake a Second Term activity in the Asia Pacific region. The East-West Center will not sponsor visas for non-U.S. participants who wish to remain in the U.S. for the Second Term (APLP Fellows must make such arrangements independently with a partner organization).  Opportunities to undertake an East-West Center sponsored Second Term activity, such as the Group Independent Study Travel (GIST) Southeast Asia Field Study, have separate application processes which will be announced during the First Term.  Supplementary scholarships are generally not available to support Second Term activities, but project-specific funding may become available periodically – all such opportunities are announced to the entire APLP cohort during the First Term. The majority of these options are self-funded.

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