Freeman Foundation Institute (July 12-30, 2010, Honolulu, HI)
Institute on Infusing South Asian Studies into the Undergraduate Curriculum


The 2010 Infusing Institute will focus on the cultures, histories and contemporary dynamics of South Asia, and will be directed by Arindam Charkrabarti (University of Hawai’i). The program will begin with a discussion of several organizing themes useful in understanding and teaching this very complex region, followed by presentations on India’s early religious and philosophical systems, its distinctive arts, and key themes in South Asian history through the onset of the colonial period. The second week will have feature presentations on the religious and sociopolitical dimensions of Islam in the region, the history of colonialism and independence, and the cultural expressions of South Asian modernities. The final week will focus on post-Independence and post-Partition dynamics, with presentations on issues of caste, economic development, gender and contemporary politics.