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ASDP organizes three- to four-week long field seminars in Asia, including China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia. These programs are intended to provide participants with experiential learning opportunities useful in developing new course materials, and to afford participants possibilities for building networks useful in developing future student-faculty study abroad programs for their own campuses. ASDP field seminars include lectures and discussions hosted at partner universities in the region, visits to cultural sites, government offices, business, industrial and arts centers, and ample opportunities for participants to interact with local hosts and community members.

In addition to ASDP’s field seminars in Asia, as part of the China-US Faculty Exchange Program in cooperation with Chinese Ministry of Education, ASDP has hosted faculty from Chinese universities for travel seminars that focus on American culture and society. 

China’s Encounter with the West: Past, Present, and Future:
The 2013 Asian Studies Development Program, US-China Field Seminar

The 2013 Field Study will focus on China’s historical encounters with its Western neighbors in Eurasia through Silk Roads trade and diplomacy, and with Europe and the Americas during the modern era. The seminar will begin in Beijing, with lectures at Peking University and visits to key political, commercial and cultural sites with an emphasis on China’s 21st century global aspirations.

Travel will then be arranged to Shanxi and Gansu provinces. Here, the focus will be on China’s West both as a region of historical encounters with other cultures across Eurasia, especially the Buddhist cultures of Central and South Asia, and more recently as a region energized by industrialization, mining, and tourism. Rich in natural and historical resources, China’s Northwest has become a major coal production and industrial center, and a focal point of China’s strategic relations with the countries of West Asia. In keeping with this dual focus on history and the present, visits will be arranged to major sites of monumental Buddhist art as well as major industrial sites, while lectures will explore the interrelated histories of trade, religion and politics along China’s western borders, as well as the contemporary significance of China’s Northwest.

The program will conclude in Shanghai, where Fudan University will serve as the primary host and will arrange lectures and site visits related to China’s historical encounters with and adaptations of Western modernity, how this history is affecting commercial, social and political dynamics in urban China, and how China’s own West is importantly involved in these dynamics.

Program Dates: 3-23 June 2013; Application Deadline: March 18, 2013.

Participants or their home institutions will be responsible for international airfare and a modest program fee of $700.00.  In addition to all-in China travel, lodging and most meals, participants will be provided a $350.00 stipend.

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