ASDP Mainland Workshops

ASDP workshops are intensive, thematically-structured, multidisciplinary faculty development programs that bring together Asian studies specialists and undergraduate educators in a seminar-like setting of shared inquiry. Lasting two to three days, ASDP workshops are tailored to meet the particular needs and interests of the host campus and other colleges in the region, as well as the local community. Featuring lectures, discussions and often either films or cultural performances, these workshops are primarily designed to meet the needs of undergraduate educators, but also typically feature one or more events that are open to both students and the general public.

As with other ASDP programs, workshops bring together humanities content and such contemporary social issues as gender relationships, politics, economic development and the environment enable the exploration both substantive issues and pedagogical applications. Efforts are made to involve Asian studies specialists from the area to encourage links between two-year and four-year colleges needing resources on Asian studies and universities with strong Asian studies programs.

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