Field Seminars
While faculty development institutes can go a long way toward preparing college and university teachers for infusing Asian content into their courses, ASDP believes that field seminars in Asia prove instrumental in the success and longevity of these efforts. Beginning in 1993, ASDP has offered one or two field seminars each summer to selected Asian countries. Fulbright Group Travel Abroad grants funded several programs including five-week long field seminars to China (1993 and 1994), India (1995) and Southeast Asia (2004). Other sources of funding, including the Freeman Foundation and the Chinese Ministry of Education have funded programs to China, Japan, the Pearl River Delta, and Southeast Asia. Each field seminar is organized around one or more themes such as China’s sacred sites, minorities in China, economic and social change in China, and China’s competing economic centers: Hong Kong and Shanghai. All ASDP field study seminars include lectures and panel discussions at leading Asian colleges and universities; visits to historic locales, cultural sites and museums; and tours of socially important sites, factories, rural villages, and urban centers.

The China-US Faculty Exchange Program: Teaching About China and the US

This faculty exchange program is part of a cooperative exploration of how Chinese and American faculty can better teach about each others’ countries and cultures. It is a collaborative program involving Peking University and the Chinese Ministry of Education. Teaching About China and the US enables undergraduate educators from China and the US to travel in one another’s countries, typically in alternating years, and share comparative insights. This project was launched in 2001, and has been hosted a total of seven times, with the most recent program for Americans in China in 2009. In 2010, Chinese educators will be brought to the U.S. This program was initiated with funding from the Henry Luce Foundation, and has received financial support from both the Freeman Foundation and the Chinese Ministry of Education since 2004.