ASDP Publications
The ASDP series on Asian Studies Development is published by the State University of New York Press. Books in this series are written by undergraduate educators for undergraduate educators and their students, and offer substantive and yet pedagogically apt ways of thinking about and teaching Asian cultures and societies.

For additional details about each publication listed below as well as purchasing information, please see the SUNY Press website .

List of ASDP Publications

  • Teaching the Silk Road:  A Guide for College Teachers (June 2010, eds. Jacqueline M. Moore, Rebecca Woodward Wendelken)
  • Asian Texts - Asian Contexts:  Encounters with Asian Philosophies and Religions (March 2010, eds. David Jones and E.R. Klein)
  • Confucian Cultures of Authority (July 2006, eds. Peter D. Hershock and Roger T. Ames)
  • Chinese Aesthetics and Literature:  A Reader (March 2004, ed. Corinne H. Dale)
  • An Introduction to Chinese Culture through the Family (July 2001, eds. Howard Giskin and Bettye S. Walsh)
  • Japanese Aesthetics and Culture:  A Reader (July 1995, ed. Nancy G. Hume)