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The East-West Center's student programs, carried out in cooperation with the University of Hawai‘i (UH), are designed to foster a shared sense of community and develop the leadership skills and regional literacy needed for regional cooperation and community building among nations. Since it was established in 1960 by the U.S. Congress, the East-West Center has supported more than 8,000 students from Asia, the Pacific, the United States, and around the world. This fall, graduate students from over 40 countries, Hawai‘i, and from across the U.S. live in residence at the Center, where they learn, work, and live together, as well as extend helping hands to the local community. Through cultural exchange, shared experiences, and collaborative preparation for future leadership roles throughout the region, the East-West Center experience creates lasting relationships and an active network of people committed to positive change.

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The Opportunities for Study and Scholarship flier is an overview of many of our scholarships and fellowships. Feel free to download and print it to post in your office, around campus, and share with others. hi-res PDF (1.8MB) med-res PDF (670KB) lo-res PDF (163KB)

"East-West Center Experience" links to an eight-minute video on an overview of the Center's history and mission, along with personal insights from EWC alumni about the Center's impact on their education and lives.

Current Student Leadership Initiatives organized by current students, including the International Graduate Student Conference, Wednesday Evening Seminar, and the East-West Center Participants Association.

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