East-West Center Participants Association (EWCPA)

The East-West Center Participants Association Board serves to advocate for participants, promote cultural awareness, and foster community at the East-West Center. The mission of the EWCPA is to develop an Asia-Pacific Community that can work productively together and promote harmony among nations. EWCPA is about “meeting great people and doing great things together."

EWCPA is active throughout the year in building our East-West Center community. They help to welcome new students during CBI (Community Building Institute) and facilitate both large and small events to bring students together, including the annual Concert on the Lawn, Intercultural Potluck, and East West Fest, as well as movie and game nights, open mic/karaoke, and pizza with the EWC president. They organize a community garden, regular shopping shuttles, group community service activities off campus and much more. The Board is always open for new ideas; for example 2018/2019 saw a new International Women’s Group, swap meets, and ramen nights. The success of these events and this community depends on all students contributing.

For photos and information about EWCPA events, please visit the East-West Center Participants Association Facebook page.

The EWCPA Board provides excellent professional development and leadership opportunities for EWC students. Each year in Fall, elections take place to elect Board members for the coming year. All participants are encouraged to be active in the Board either as elected officials or in appointed positions to help run specific events, manage social media, or other responsibilities. The board also represents the participant community within the East-West Center, advocating for student needs and contributing participant perspectives to Center leadership.

This list of 2020-2021 Board members shows the various elected Board positions.