Guidelines for IGSC Audience Members

IGSC 2021 Virtual Conference:
Guidelines for Audience Participants

(Please click here for our Whova virtual conference user guide)

Before the Conference

1.   Please register first, and then use EWC IGSC 2021 Website in Whova for access and participate virtually in the conference (agenda, session links via Zoom, information of virtual activities and social networking, and announcements).

2.   If you have never used Zoom before, please visit and set up your account.

3.   If you have trouble connecting to the Zoom meeting or using the Whova platform, please contact us at for assistance.

4.   Please add your first name and family name to your Zoom profile to help participants learn your name, as well as match your name to your face.

5.   All the sessions, including Q&A portions, will be recorded. We will post the links to live session recordings on Whova after each conference day.

6.   Please ensure that you are using a laptop/desktop/mobile phone and that these are in good working order.

7.   All the sessions listed on Whova are based on Hawaiian Standard Time. For time difference, please change the time zone setting on “Agenda” on Whova to view the session agenda based on your local time. Or please use the Time Zone Convertor for time differences.


During the Conference/ Zoom Sessions

1.   For technical difficulties or questions while in a Zoom session, 

  • Please use “Ask Organizers Anything” via Whova to ask/pose your questions (Menu-> “Community”-> “Ask Organizers Anything”).
  • Alternatively, you can email contact us at

2.   Arrive early for all sessions. Our IT volunteers will put you in the waiting room and admit you into the session when it is ready.

3.   Please mute your microphone so that we don't hear any background noises.

4.     For questions, feedback, or comments (in Academic Paper Presentations)

  • Please put them in the Zoom chat box during the presentations. The moderator will collect and ask questions on your behalf during the Q&A session.
  • Or, you can click “Raise Hand” (under “Reaction”) during the Q&A session and wait for the moderator to call you. Then, you can unmute yourself and ask your questions.

5.   Please remember to mute yourself again after speaking.

6.   Please do not share the zoom links for any of the sessions.

7.   Enjoy, and feel free to contact the organizers (the IGSC team) as needed!


Additional Reference:


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

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