Wednesday Evening Seminar

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The Wednesday Evening Seminar (WES) was a weekly gathering of Center participants in their first fall and spring semester. WES brings together fellows from diverse academic disciplines, geographic areas, life experiences, and East-West Center programs to learn and dialogue on issues of common concern that impact the U.S. and Asia Pacific region. Read more...


2018 Fall - Community Connections

2018 Spring - Life Guides in Asia and the Pacific: Empowering Students to Lead in Their Communities

2017 Fall - Creative Community Impact

2017 Spring - Positionality: Approaching the Asia Pacific through Intercultural Perspectives

2016 Fall - Our Asia Pacific Neighborhood

2016 Spring - PERFORMANCE OF CULTURE: International Perspectives on Personal and Community Identity

2015 Fall - Ma Ka Hana Ka ʻIke (Learn by doing) to Build Expertise in a Borderless World

2015 Spring - Cultivating Regional Literacy in the Asia-Pacific Region

2014 Fall - The Art of Regional Literacy: Connecting Kīpuka in the Asia-Pacific Region

2014 Spring - Defrosting The Imagination: Innovation, Passion, and Creative Thinking in Oceania, Asia and the United States

2013 Fall - The Anatomy of Identity: Identifying the Roots of Identity in Oceania and Asia

2013 Spring - Bridges and Barriers: Overcoming Obstacles to Change in the Asia-Pacific Region

2012 Fall - Catalysts for Change

2012 Spring - Disasters in the United States and Asia Pacific: Preparation, Response and Critique

2011 Fall - Toward a Regional Literacy of Contemporary Asia-Pacific and the United States

2011 Spring - Movements of People, Nations, and Ideas in the Asia Pacific

2010 Fall - Perspectives on Social Justice in Asia Pacific Communities

2010 Spring - Cultural Foundations and Contemporary Expressions in the Asia-Pacific

2009 Fall - Current Challenges and Empowering Voices in the United States, Asia and the Pacific

2009 Spring - Toward a Regional Literacy of the Asia-Pacific and the United States

2008 Fall - The Politics of Globalization and Social Networks in the Asia-Pacific

2008 Spring - Emerging Issues in the Asia and the Pacific

2007 Fall - Sustainability: Behind the Veneer of the Rhetoric

2007 Spring - Creating Futures for Asia and the Pacific: Choices and Behaviors

2006 Fall - Empowering People for the Future of Asia and the Pacific