2008 Fall - Wednesday Evening Seminar
Syllabus "The Politics of Globalization and Social Networks in the Asia-Pacific"

Sept 03 - "Emerging Infectious Diseases in the Pacific: Dengue Fever", presented by Dr. Allison Imrie

Sept 10 - "Getting to Know Each Other: Building the EWC Community", Wednesday Evening Seminar group activity

Sept 17 - "Webs and Flows: Networks and Power", presented by Dr. Scott MacLeod

Sept 24 - "Globalization from a Third World Perspective", presented by Dr. Sankaran Krishna

Oct 8 - "Applying Placed Based Cultural  Business Models in a Globalized World", presented by Dr. Ramsay Taum

Oct 15 - "Tuvalu is Flat: The Global Ebbs and Flows of a Pacific Atoll Nation", presented by Dr. Gerard A. Finin

Oct 22 - "How can we make better decisions about risk in the Asia-Pacific region?", presented by Dr. Melissa Finucane

Oct 29 - "Sino-Capitalism: Globalization in the Age of China's Economic Ascent", presented by Dr. Christopher McNally