2010 Spring - Wednesday Evening Seminar
Syllabus - "Cultural Foundations and Contemporary Expressions in the Asia-Pacific"

Jan 27 - "A New EWC Foundation - Getting to Know Each Other"

Feb 3 - " WOT, Bodda You? Challenging Stereotypes about Pidgin in Hawai'i"
Click here to view the film Ha Kam Wi Tawk Pidgin Yet?

Feb 17 - "Thinking Through Race as Cultural Foundation and Contemporary Expression in Japan: The Case Study of Obamamania"

Feb 24 - "Ancient Monuments and Nationalism in Southeast Asia"

Mar 3 - "A Mouthful of Diversity: Cider Production Around the World and Conservation of Traditional Apple Diversity"

Mar 10 - "Confucianism and a Changing Cultural Order"

Mar 17 - "EWC Student Panel: Expressions of Social Activism in the Global Campaign to End Human Trafficking"

Apr 14 - "Lalavaology: The Tongan Art and Technology of Lashing"

Apr 21 - "Looking back and thinking forward: Spring Wednesday Evening Seminar Final Session"