Guidelines for Presenters
The following list contains general information about the East-West Center International Graduate Student Conference:


  1. On the Opening Day (Thursday), please register at the reception desk between 1 pm - 4 pm and collect your name tag and conference package. The registration will be located on the outdoor lanai, in front of the Imin Conference Center, from 1:00 - 4:00 pm. On the following days (Friday and Saturday), the registration table will be located on the second floor of the Imin Conference Center, near the top of the stairs on the mountain side of the building. For those of you who need a receipt, please ask for it at the registration table.
  2. The Conference Opening Ceremony will be at Keoni Auditorium, Imin Conference Center. All registered participants are warmly invited to the reception that follows the Opening Ceremony at Wailana Room.
  3. Please wear your name tag to all conference meals.
  4. All conference rooms are equipped with LCD projectors and PC laptops.  For Mac users, we do not provide a converter (so we prefer you do the presentation in Windows format). For those of you who would like to use PowerPoint or other laptop-based presentations, you can upload your presentation during registration on Thursday between 1 pm to 4pm. Please locate the correct laptop computer (by room name) and upload your presentation into the correct folder (by panel session number).  Please also note that, while we will make every effort to provide technical support, it is possible that due to circumstances beyond our and your control, the projector or laptop may not work.  Please be prepared to give your talk without such aids, if necessary. (Note: Presenters are not required to use the PowerPoint presentation. It is optional.)
  5. Please bring pen/pencil and paper to the conference in case you would like to take notes. Each presenter will have 15 minutes for their presentation plus 5 -10 minutes for individual Q and A.  Each presentation has to start and end on time, since the schedules for each room are coordinated with other sessions.  The moderator will notify you when you have 5 minutes left, so that you can get ready to wrap up your presentation.  If you reach 15 minutes, the moderator may ask you to leave the podium or stop your presentation.  After all presenters have given their presentation, remaining time will be devoted to group panel discussion. 
  6. Please note that moderators may either open your individual 5 -10 minutes Q and A session right after your presentation or may save the time for the panel Q and A session at the end of the session.
  7. Each presentation room is about the same size as a regular class room, or even smaller, so you will not need a microphone.
  8. For those of you receiving a Travel Grant Award, please sign your award agreement and pick up your check at the Reception desk. Those coming from abroad are forewarned that they should cash their Travel Grant Award checks on the two working days of the conference (Thursday and Friday). Please do NOT forget to bring the requisite Tax Form papers as previously instructed.
  9. You are not required to submit your research paper.