Leadership Certificate Program
"When you have decided what you believe, what you feel must be done, have the courage to stand up and be counted." -- Eleanor Roosevelt
ADB-JSP Scholars participating in the EWC Leadership Certificate Program


The Leadership Certificate is a custom-designed 2-year program open to Graduate Student Fellows at the East-West Center (EWC) who are studying for a Masters degree at the University of Hawai’i Manoa (UHM).  Participation in the program is mandatory for Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Program Fellows (ADB-JSP).  Leadership activities are scheduled around UHM classes and are designed to add value to your experience at the EWC.  A certificate is awarded upon completion of the program.

Program Details

ADB-JSP Fellows and Graduate Degree Fellows complement their academic training at UHM with practical application of leadership theory, while deepening their understanding of key 21st century challenges facing leaders.  Emphasis is on experiential and reflective learning with concrete outcomes to enhance personal leadership development.  The curriculum is project-based and inter-disciplinary, consisting of leadership case studies on a wide range of topics.  Engagement takes place over approximately seven weeks in the fall and spring semesters (total 14 weeks), mostly in the middle to avoid busy periods at UHM.  Participants learn leadership knowledge and skills via personal interaction with respected and successful leaders from the local community in Hawai’i.  Each semester, participants study 3-4 leadership cases with transferable lessons that will directly enhance your capacity to lead.  Each case is developed in partnership with community leaders, during which learners are immersed into a leadership challenge.  This approach helps participants develop key leadership skills, such as diagnosing problems, mobilizing stakeholders, generating rapid results, and working effectively on teams, while forming a learning community of emerging Asia Pacific leaders.

Recent Case Studies

  • Energy Security Leadership in partnership with Blue Planet Foundation

  • Disaster Resilient Leadership in partnership with American Red Cross

  • Cultural Diversity Leadership in partnership with Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art

  • Entrepreneurial Leadership in partnership with Blue Startups - Venture Accelerator

  • Empowering Youth and Educational Leadership in partnership with Dr. Thomas Koehler

  • Power, Love and Leadership in partnership with Crossfit Kuleana