"Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you help them to become what they are capable of being." -- Goethe



Program Staff

Lance Boyd

Lance Boyd is an international leadership educator at the East-West Center.  Lance’s experience in Asia includes two Fulbright Fellowships in Japan and Singapore, service as a USAID environmental education consultant for ASEAN, and an Earthwatch funded researcher on insectivorous bats in peninsular Malaysia. In Europe, Lance studied as an undergraduate in Austria, completed a MA at the International School for Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, and completed a Goethe Institute funded study of the environmental movement in Germany. While working for the University of Colorado’s Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Science he also earned a MA in Education Foundations.

Roger Kiyomura

Roger Kiyomura is an educator of leadership and teacher education with an extensive background in sports leadership. He has over a decade of teaching experience in secondary and higher education in the United States. During those years Roger also coached basketball in high school and collegiate levels. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Geography from University of California at Santa Barbara and a Master of Arts in Kinesiology from California State University at Long Beach, with a focus in Coaching and Student Athlete Development. Roger is currently an instructor in the School of Education at Hawaii Pacific University where he is developing a curriculum in Sports Leadership. He is also a Doctoral candidate at University of Southern California, in the Rossier School of Education. Roger’s current research interest is the intersection of stereotypes and academic performance of Asian student-athletes in higher education. He also serves as an academic advisor for an educational trust, which provides assistance for over a dozen local and international students. Roger and his wife, Maya, have traveled extensively in Asia Pacific, including Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, and Malaysia.