East-West Center Student Affiliate Program
New 2017 East-West Center Student Affiliates with International Programs Specialist, Dr. Kūhiō Vogeler (far right)

Brief Overview

The East-West Center Student Affiliate Program was established to expand opportunities for involvement in the programs of the East-West Center.  The East-West Center Student Affiliate Program gives externally funded (e.g., Fulbright or other scholarships, graduate assistantships, etc.) or self-funded graduate students at the University Hawai‘i at Mānoa (UHM) the opportunity to participate in the Center’s educational programs and leadership development opportunities, and to live in its international residence halls. The Student Affiliate Program provides an opportunity for these individuals to interact on a daily basis with the Center’s degree fellows, scholars, and other participants from across the U.S. and more than 50 countries, and has proven for many to be instrumental in helping to establish lasting relations that extend into future careers or other endeavors.

The Overview of the Student Affiliate Program (PDF) and application materials downloadable from the links below, provide details on the key components of the East-West Center student affiliate experience.


Who is eligible to apply to the East-West Center Student Affiliate Program:

  • Full-time classified graduate students at UHM in good academic standing or
  • Students attending UHM on special graduate exchange programs. 

Note:  The Student Affiliate Program has a competitive application process and space is limited.  Those whose interest is primarily in securing student housing are encouraged to apply to the EWC Special Housing Program for UHM graduate students.  For information and application, visit


  • Participation in a dynamic international community of East-West Center participants and alumni;
  • Participation in the East-West Center Community Building Institute (this takes place before the UH semester begins and is a requirement for all incoming student affiliates);
  • Participant housing rate of $15 per night for a furnished single room in an East-West Center residence hall (the Center has limited availability of double rooms at $23 per night for students whose spouses join them);
  • Eligibility for competitive Center travel awards for field study or conference presentation;
  • Participation in the Center’s educational, cultural, leadership development and extracurricular programs;
  • Membership in the East-West Center Participants Association (EWCPA);
  • Eligibility for participation in a professional mentoring program sponsored by the East-West Center Associates office.


  • Maintain enrollment at UHM, make satisfactory progress toward the degree and maintain academic standards deemed mandatory by UHM and EWC;
  • Participate in the East-West Center Wednesday Evening Seminar during their first fall and spring semester;
  • Maintain active involvement in the EWC degree participant community;
  • Participate in community service activities and support events within the EWC for 10 hours per semester in fall and spring, and 5 hours over the summer months for affiliates who remain in Honolulu during the summer;
  • Live on-campus in East-West Center housing;
  • Make on-time payment(s) of the Student Affiliate Program fee of $250 due before the start of each semester;
  • Make on-time monthly rent payment to EWC Housing;
  • Maintain enrollment at UHM, make satisfactory progress toward the degree and maintain academic standards deemed mandatory by UHM and EWC; 
  • Submit a monthly report or reflective journal during the first year, on participation and engagement at EWC;
  • Adhere to the East-West Center's policy on academic freedom which bars any classified (secret) activity or research, and condemns any actions or statements on the part of anyone which may tend to interfere with the academic freedom of any participant at the East-West Center.

Program Fee & Other Expenses

(See also Student Affiliate Program Fee webpage)

  • A program fee of $250 per semester is due before each Fall and Spring semester. (There is no program fee in summer for student affiliates who maintain their active affiliate status through summer months while enrolled in summer school and are actively engaged in the Center’s student programs);
  • The Student Affiliate Program fee must be paid in full before the first day of instruction of the semester based of the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa academic calendar;
  • Student affiliates are responsible for all expenses connected with their program of study and living expenses in an East-West Center graduate residence hall;
  • Student affiliates are required to have sufficient health insurance coverage.

Note:  The program fee is not required at the time of application to the program.  The payment is made after acceptance to the Student Affiliate Program. 

Application Deadlines & Arrival Dates

Complete the online application form and submit any required documents postmarked by November 1 (to begin as a student affiliate in the Spring semester) or by June 1 (for the Fall semester).

Note:  Acceptance into the Student Affiliate Program is contingent upon arriving in time to participate fully in the Community Building Institute (CBI). The schedule will be listed on the CBI website. Plan to arrive no later than the date listed there.

Application Materials


All application materials and supporting documents should be delivered or sent to:
East-West Center
Student Affiliate Program
Attention: Award Services
John A. Burns Hall, Room 2066
1601 East-West Road
Honolulu, HI 96848-1601 USA
Telephone:  808-944-7738