2014 Fall WES


Syllabus - The Art of Regional Literacy: Connecting Kīpuka in the Asia-Pacific Region

September 17 - Change Management: Leadership's Next Frontier

September 24 - Seeds and Survival: Cultural Continuities in a Highland Cambodian Village

October 1 - Is Innovative Also Effective? Participatory Slum Upgrading in India and Indonesia

October 22 - Agricultural Security in the Pacific: Start Clean, Stay Clean

October 29 - E Mālama Manaʻe: An Emerging Model for Collaborative Governance with the Aha Kiole o Molokai – Manaʻe Moku for a Watershed Management Project from Mauka to Makai

November 5 - Vulnerability of People and Species to Climate Change

November 12 - Exploring Educational Kīpuka to Understand the Past, Illuminate the Present, and Expand Our Vision for a More Peaceful Future

November 19 - Connecting Kīpuka in the East-West Center Community - A Special Panel Presentation by EWC Participants