2012 New Generation Seminar


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The Making of the Middle Class: Successes of the Past, Challenges for the Future

When: Oct 22 2012 (All day) until Nov 4 2012 (All day)
Where: Honolulu, Hawaii; Madison/Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Washington, DC

The American middle class has long been a mainstay of the nation’s economy and its consumption has been a driver of global trade. A hallmark of America’s success story, it has now become a focus of a national debate that in many respects is echoed in other parts of the world including Asia. Discussions of the U.S. national experience provide useful lessons for developing nations, as well as for developed economies, which are trying to maintain middle class jobs and lifestyles in the new global economy. Through meetings and visits in Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Washington, DC, the 22nd NGS will provide both Asians and Americans with an opportunity to explore how the American middle class was created and what challenges America is facing today in maintaining a robust middle class. Participants will discuss and hear differing perspectives on the roles of government, industry, unions and education so that they can think critically about effective policymaking to foster a strong middle class and promote sustainable economic growth and social and political stability.

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Primary Contact Info:
Name: Ann Hartman, NGS Program Coordinator
Phone: (808) 944-7619