2015 EWC/KDI Conference on Japanization: Causes and Remedies


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When: Aug 10 2015 (All day) until Aug 11 2015 (All day)
Where: EWC

“Japanization” is often used by economists to describe long-term stagnation and deflation, particularly in economies that have not recovered from the global financial crisis. Symptoms include high unemployment, weak economic activity, interest rates near zero, quantitative easing by governments, and population aging. The 2015 EWC/KDI conference will investigate the causes of Japan’s “lost decades” versus the real recovery achieved by the United States, and the lessons that can be learned. In the global context, what can governments do to mitigate the downward trends experienced by Japan? Can Korea avoid a similar fate, since the Korean economy tends to lag Japan by two decades, and Korea’s economy is now, in many ways, almost identical to Japan’s 20 years ago? Although there are no simple answers to these questions, the experts invited to the EWC will provide a better understanding of the problems and directions for future policies.

Coordinators:  Andrew Mason and Sang-Hyop Lee

Primary Contact Info:
Name: June Kuramoto
Phone: 808-944-7267