2015 New Generation Seminar


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"Rising India: Shifting Regional Power Dynamics, Meeting Domestic Challenges"

When: Sep 13 2015 (All day) until Sep 27 2015 (All day)
Where: Honolulu, Hawaii; Mumbai, New Delhi, India

The 25th anniversary of the New Generation Seminar will mark the program’s historic first visit to India, highlighting the country’s growing economy and rising role in Asia Pacific regional affairs. Travel to Mumbai and Delhi will provide young leaders an opportunity to better understand this growing power and explore its potential impact on strategic, economic and political dynamics in the Asia Pacific region. In addition, India will offer leaders and policymakers a chance to examine the key development issues facing countries throughout the region in the 21st century—the need to provide environmentally and economically sustainable economic growth, good jobs, quality services, and more equitable and inclusive prosperity—and how they are being addressed in this enormously diverse, robust and decentralized democracy. Aside from new government initiatives, participants will learn from India’s vibrant civil society and technology sectors, which are pioneering innovative ways to address these challenges that can be models for countries around the world.

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