2017 KIHASA-EWC Conference on "Low Fertility, Labor Market, and Family: Factors, Outcomes, and Policy Implications"


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When: Nov 20 2017 (All day) until Nov 21 2017 (All day)
Where: EWC

There have been a growing number of studies that show how work and work environments affect childbearing decisions. In some East Asian countries such as Korea and Japan, labor participation of women or long working hours of employed women are viewed as unfavorable to fertility. However, among European countries, the countries with higher fertility rates have often been those where a high percentage of women perform paid work. In these countries, pro-family policies also seem to strike a balance that is favorable to both women’s employment and fertility. For this reason, work and family reconciliation policies are on the political agenda of a growing number of countries. The 2017 KIHASA-EWC joint conference will investigate the linkage between fertility and labor market security, job quality, occupational classes, labor market situation, and so on, with a special reference to its policy responses.

Coordinator:  Dr. Sang-Hyop Lee

Primary Contact Info:
Name: Carolyn Eguchi
Phone: 808-944-7510