2017 KIPF/EWC Conference on "Inequality and Fiscal Policy"


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When: Nov 9 2017 (All day) until Nov 10 2017 (All day)
Where: EWC

The challenge for many governments is to address concerns over inequality while simultaneously promoting economic efficiency and more robust economic growth. Fiscal policy has played a significant role in reducing income inequality. Tax and spending measures should maintain the distributive effects of fiscal policy while supporting economic efficiency. Such measures include reducing opportunities for tax evasion and avoidance, increasing the progressivity of income taxes over higher income brackets, cutting unproductive expenditures, and expanding means-tested programs. The purpose of the 2017 KIPF-EWC conference is to investigate the fiscal and taxation issues reducing income inequality faced by Korea and many other countries and as well as to exchange ideas and solutions based on each country’s experience. The conference will examine various policy options to reduce inequality through taxation, and target welfare programs at the most needy.

Coordinator:  Dr. Sang-Hyop Lee

Primary Contact Info:
Name: June Kuramoto
Phone: 808-944-7267