2017 North Pacific Arctic Conference: “Building Capacity for a Sustainable Arctic in a Changing Global Order"


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When: Aug 9 2017 (All day) until Aug 11 2017 (All day)
Where: Hawaii Imin International Conference Center

The 2017 North Pacific Arctic Conference (NPAC) on “Building Capacity for a Sustainable Arctic in a Changing Global Order,” is organized by the East-West Center and Korea Maritime Institute (KMI). Bringing together a group of experts mainly from the US, Canada, and Russia on one side and China, Japan, and Korea on the other, this interdisciplinary conference will seek to engage participants in candid discussions of developing policy responses to future Arctic issues.

The conference will organize a dialogue under the Chatham House Rule among experts from different countries and leaders from stakeholder groups, including businesses, indigenous peoples, scientists, and environmentalists. The goal is to stimulate innovative thinking about Arctic issues, improve science policy engagement as a key to building capacity for a sustainable Arctic, help indigenous peoples to find ways to protect their distinctive cultures and increase the awareness of others regarding the concerns of indigenous peoples, and contribute to the emergence of the next generation of knowledgeable people who will become leaders in dealing with Arctic issues in the future.

This conference is for invited participants only.

Primary Contact Info:
Name: Jaymen Laupola