2018 Jefferson Fellowships


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When: Jun 18 2018 (All day) until Jul 10 2018 (All day)
Where: Honolulu, HI; Singapore; Manila, Philippines; Kuala Lumpur/Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

The 2018 Jefferson Fellowships program will begin at the East-West Center in Honolulu, Hawaii with U.S.-based experts regarding the spread of populism in the United States and the Asia Pacific region. Journalists will also share perspectives from their own countries on populism and identity politics through topic papers and presentations. Travel to Manila will explore the rise of Rodrigo Duterte, including his populist economic policies, criticism of the Philippine-U.S. relationship and the Catholic Church, and extrajudicial drug war. Journalists will explore how the President has portrayed himself as an authentic voice of the masses and how his language of crisis has delineated a criminal “other.” Travel to Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu will similarly examine Prime Minister Najib Razak’s administration, the nexus between ethnic and religious identity in Malaysia, and its impact on representative and electoral politics ahead of a competitive election that must be held by mid-2018. Meetings with government officials, academics, students, media colleagues, civil society leaders, ethnic and religious representatives in the Philippines and Malaysia will contextualize and compare populist mobilization and identity politics across Southeast Asian nations; offer journalists an opportunity to explore whether the experiences of the Philippines and Malaysia are part of a larger trend towards the weakening of democratic norms and institutions; provide first-hand exposure to and more nuanced understanding of the countries visited; and build the professional networks of participating journalists.

The 2018 program will also include participation in the East-West Center’s 6th International Media Conference in Singapore where journalists will gather to discuss “What is News Now,” and share on-the-ground information on news and media issues in the region. The Conference will include distinguished keynote speakers and panels of working journalists, a wide range of practical skill-building workshops and unique opportunities to network with hundreds of international media professionals. Finally, efforts by political leaders to undermine media’s legitimacy will be explored throughout the program.

Primary Contact Info:
Name: Liz A. Dorn