AIJI Special Presentation: “TIME FOR JUSTICE” Two Films About The Khmer Rouge Tribunal


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Asian International Justice Initiative (AIJI) Brownbag Viewing and Discussion

When: Aug 16 2007 (All day)
Where: John A. Burns Hall, 3015 (Third Floor)

AIJI is a collaboration of the East-West Center and the War Crimes Studies Center at the University of California, Berkeley.In January 2007, AIJI joined with partners in Cambodia (Open Society Justice Initiative, Center for Social Development, and Khmer Mekong Films) to produce and disseminate films about the Khmer Rouge Tribunal, which is formally known as the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC). Funding for the project was provided by the British Embassy in Phnom Penh.

The purpose of the films is to inform Cambodians about the ECCC, its mission, and the forthcoming trials by producing and distributing short films on the historical background of the Khmer Rouge genocide, the creation of the ECCC, the nature of the trial process and the function of judges, lawyers, and prosecutors.

"Time For Justice" is the series title for four films.The first two films in the series -- "What Did They Do?" and "How Will They Held To Account?"-- totaling 50 minutes will be shown. They are in Khmer language with English subtitles.

The film series, a unique mix of fiction and fact, centers on a typical Cambodian family. In "What Did They Do?" the father and the mother tell their 15 year old son and 12 year old daughter about their own harrowing experiences during the Khmer Rouge years.

In "How Will They Be Held To Account?" the fictional family visits the ECCC buildings to see the pre-trial chamber, courtroom and detention facility. They also meet and talk to real officials responsible for running the trials, including a Cambodian judge, prosecution and defense representatives. And they're introduced to the concept of a "fair trial".

These appealing films combine darkness with enlightenment, sadness with humor, anger with hope. They aim to educate and inform young and old alike and to help Cambodia to leave its nightmare behind.

The films were produced by Khmer Mekong Films under contract to EWC. They have been shown on national television in Cambodia since July 29 and in coming months will be shown across Cambodia by NGOs.

[NOTE: for those who cannot attend this showing, the films will be shown again at a later date and generally available for those who wish to view them.]

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Name: Phil Estermann
Phone: 808-944-7464