Ajrakh Resist Printing


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When: Oct 30 2017 - 10:00am until Oct 30 2017 - 5:00pm
Where: Honolulu Museum of Art School, 900 S. Beretania, Honolulu HI 96814

Photo: Sufiyan Khatri

Visiting artist Sufiyan Khatri will be leading a one day workshop on the art of Ajrakh relief printing. Derived from ajrak ‘blue’ in Arabic and Persian, this relief printing style consists of using natural dyes and washed fabric to design and create patterns. This workshop will include demonstrations on the history and art of Ajrakh as well as a hands-on project.

In partnership with the East West Center, and their exhibition “Irresistible Resist, ” an Indian textile exhibition from, October 29, 2017-February 11, 2018, visiting artist Sufiyan Ismail Khatri will share the history of Ajrakh, which his family has practiced for nine generations. He comes from Ajrakhpur Village in the city of Bhuj in the Kutch District of Western India. He will showcase the various steps in creating hand-block printed textiles, from preparing the fabric to applying the resist, to adding mordants (dye fixatives) and the final printing of colors.

Cost: $150.00

Register online at the Honolulu Musuem of Art.

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