America’s Nuclear Test Legacy: Still an Issue for the Marshall Islands


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When: Nov 1 2013 - 12:00pm until Nov 1 2013 - 1:15pm
Where: John Burns Hall 3015/19, East-West Center

America’s Nuclear Test Legacy: Still an Issue for the Marshall Islands

by Giff Johnson

Giff Johnson will speak on the current nuclear situation in the Republic of the Marshall
Islands. His talk will highlight formerly secret US government documents about its nuclear testing program and how these alter the "official" version of the Bravo hydrogen bomb test at Bikini Atoll in 1954. He will also address recent developments concerning the nuclear issue from the Pacific Islands Forum held in Majuro, a UN Special Rapporteur's report on the US nuclear testing legacy, and other issues in the Marshall Islands.

Johnson is the author of the recently published biography Don't Ever Whisper—Darlene Keju: Pacific Health Pioneer, Champion for Nuclear Survivors. This book tells the powerful story of Marshall Islander Darlene Keju, who championed the cause of nuclear weapons test survivors when others were silent, and who implemented innovative community health programs that gave hope to a generation of troubled youth. For more information about Don’t Ever Whisper, visit

Giff Johnson has lived in the Marshall Islands since the mid-1980s. He edits the weekly Marshall Islands Journal and is a regular contributor to several regional news media. His previous books include Collision Course at Kwajalein: Marshall Islanders in the Shadow of the Bomb (1984) and Nuclear Past, Unclear Future (2009).

This talk is co-sponsored by the Center for Pacific Islands Studies, Center for Biographical Research, and Oceania Rising at UH Mānoa and the Pacific Islands Development Program at the East-West Center.