Arts Event: Illustrated Talk: “Developing Yangon Echoes”


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When: Feb 5 2017 - 2:00pm until Feb 5 2017 - 3:00pm
Where: East-West Center Gallery

Illustrated Talk: “Developing Yangon Echoes” by visiting curators, Virginia Henderson and Tim Webster.  In conjunction with the Arts exhibit, Yangon Echoes: Inside Heritage Homes.


Curators: Virginia Henderson, Tim Webster, Michael Schuster
Photographer: Tim Webster
Installation Design: Lynne Najita
Assistant Curator: Annie Reynolds

Yangon Echoes invites viewers behind the facades of century-old colonial buildings, inside heritage homes, to explore the lives of people living in the city formerly known as Rangoon.

This exhibition explores notions and values of heritage and home at a time of unprecedented change. It presents intimate views of domestic life while tracing the emergence of this city from decades of stagnation to its engagement with a rapidly changing world.

Today, Yangon is probably changing more rapidly than any other urban space in the world. Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is confronting the juggernaut of global capital after fifty years of isolation under socialist military rule.

Encountering this sudden turnaround, Yangon residents are grappling with these questions: What is the role of heritage at such a time of profound political, economic and social change? What do heritage and home mean to each of us? How are we informed by the past and what are our means for survival amidst the challenges of great flux?

Yangon Echoes, an oral history listening project, investigates multicultural diversity and individual everyday lived experiences, revealing the vulnerabilities and pressures on Yangon’s people and its heritage today.

The storytellers share thoughts and feelings, speaking of joy and tragedy, simple pleasures and aching issues. Told with courage and charm, the informal stories of home offer insight into what has happened and is happening to the city.

This exhibition, a popular history of buildings, charts social space and urban folklore, linking past to present via living memories.

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