Australian American Dialogue Leadership (AALD)


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When: Oct 15 2017 (All day) until Oct 17 2017 (All day)
Where: Honolulu, Hawaii

The Australian American Dialogue Leadership (AALD) will be held from October 15-17, 2017 in Honolulu, Hawai‘i.  This is the 10th anniversary of the AALD being held in Honolulu and the 25th anniversary of the AALD.  The AALD promotes dialogue between opinion leaders from Australia and the U.S. and this year will focus on issues on Asian security, economics and trade, environment and defense policies and cooperation that matter to both nations.  The dialogue contributes to the development of a unique bipartisan and bilateral community, whereby the free-flowing exchange of ideas leads to the advancement of both nations as well as the alliance.  The program opens with a welcome reception at the home of the Australian Consul-General on October 15, an all day program at the Hawaii Imin International Conference Center on October 16 and an all day program at PACOM on October 17.  The program is co-sponsored by the Australian American Leadership Dialogue, the East-West Center, and the U.S. Pacific Command.   President Richard R. Vuylsteke is part of the organizing committee for the AALD. 

Participation is by invitation only. 

Primary Contact Info:
Name: June Kuramoto