Can America's Most Important Ally, Japan, Re-Invent Itself?


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When: Nov 8 2016 - 12:00pm until Nov 8 2016 - 1:30pm
Where: 1819 L St NW, Sixth Floor Conference Room, Washington DC, 20036

Can America's Most Important Ally, Japan, Re-Invent Itself?

An Asia Pacific Political Economy and Trade Seminar featuring:

Clyde Prestowitz 
President, Economic Strategy Institute

Can America's Most Important Ally, Japan, Re-Invent Itself? from East-West Center on Vimeo.

Clyde Prestowitz.

The discussion focused on themes discussed in Prestowitz’s new book Japan Restored: How Japan Can Reinvent Itself and Why This Is Important for America and the World. The book opens in the year 2050 with Japan having become the world's leading high tech power with an annual GDP growth of about 4 percent. The population is growing, the average age is falling, and Japan is a mecca for students, scholars, and business people around the world. The question is: What happened to bring about such a change from the situation in 2016? Mr. Prestowitz discussed how Japan can address its challenges: population shrinkage and rapid aging; enhancing the role of women; becoming a major center of innovation and start-up enterprises; achieving energy independence; expanding the contributions of small and medium size companies; and restructuring the political system.

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Clyde Prestowitz is the author of the recently released book – The Betrayal of American Prosperity. Prior to this he was also the author of the best selling books: Three Billion New Capitalists, Rogue Nation, and Trading Places. He is also the founder and President of the Economic Strategy Institute (ESI) where he has become one of the world’s leading writers and strategists on globalization and competitiveness and an influential adviser to the U.S. and other governments. In addition, he has advised a number of global corporations such as Intel, FormFactor, and Fedex and serves on the Advisory Board of Indonesia’s Center for International and Strategic Studies as well as on the Advisory Board of Israel’s Ministry of Industry and Labor. Prior to founding ESI, Mr. Prestowitz served as Counselor to the Secretary of Commerce in the Reagan Administration where he headed U.S. negotiations with Japan, Korea, the EU, Southeast Asia, and Latin America and served as a leader of the first U.S. trade mission to China. Subsequently, he became a Fellow of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and was appointed Vice Chairman of President Clinton’s Commission on Trade and Investment in the Asia-Pacific Region as well as a member of the Advisory Board of the U.S. Export-Import Bank. Before joining the Commerce Department, he was Head of Global Marketing with the American Can Company, Vice President-Japan for Egon Zehnder International, and Director of European Marketing and Planning for Scott Paper Company. Clyde Prestowitz regularly writes for leading publications, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, Fortune, Foreign Affairs, The New Republic, and the Straits Times. He holds a B.A. with honors from Swarthmore College; an M.A. in East-West Policies and Economics from the East-West Center of the University of Hawaii; and an M.B.A. from the Wharton Graduate School of Business. He also studied at Keio University in Tokyo.

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