East-West Treasures: Works from the Permanent Collection


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When: Jun 27 2010 (All day) until Oct 3 2010 (All day)
Where: Art Gallery

In honor of the East-West Center's 50th
anniversary, the Gallery will feature a selection of some 35 works
rarely seen by the general public, including sculpture, prints,
paintings, ceramics, metalwork, textiles, wood carvings, and

Since its founding in 1960, the East-West
Center in Honolulu, Hawai'i, has been the recipient of hundreds of
gifts of art, architecture, and artifacts reflecting the richness and
diversity of the Asia Pacific region, including the United States. In
keeping with the Center's mandate to promote better relations and
understanding among the people and nations of the region, the objects
in the Permanent Collection serve as educational tools—as well as
inspirational works of great beauty.

Included in this
special exhibition are works by David Becker, Dalounny Carroll, Paul
Chesley, Alonzo Davis, Rupert Garcia, Aisha Ghasnavi, Milton Glaser, R.
C. Gorman, I Nyoman Gunarsa, Hokusai, Jose Joya, Erica Karawina, Da Tan
Ke, I Nyoman Lesug, Meleanna Meyer, Mayumi Oda, Mary Pritchard, Sano
Tankyu, Pak No Soo, Michael Tom, Hatano Tae, Mohammad Yasin, Noguchi
Yukoku, and Cong Zhiyuan. Also included is a video projection art work,
by Ben Wood and Michael Schuster, based on the flagship Charlot and
Affandi murals in Imin Center-Jefferson Hall.

Primary Contact Info:
Name: Eric Chang
Phone: 944-7548