EWC Insights: Living in the Shadow of Delta: The Virus Strikes Back


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When: Aug 5 2021 - 2:00pm until Aug 5 2021 - 3:00pm

EWC Insights: Living in the Shadow of Delta: The Virus Strikes Back with Dr. Tim Brown

EWC Insights presents
"Living in the Shadow of Delta: The Virus Strikes Back"

Dr. Tim Brown
Senior Fellow, East-West Center

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After an exhausting year of lockdowns, mask-wearing, isolation from friends and family, and overwhelmed health care systems, many thought we were emerging from the darkness of COVID-19. Vaccines were proving highly effective. Businesses were reopening. And cases of the SARS-CoV-2 virus were coming down in those places fortunate enough to have vaccine access.  

Then in late April, a new player came onto the scene – the Delta variant, first observed in the explosive second wave in India. Largely ignored for several months as it spread silently through the rest of the world, it now casts a long shadow, obscuring the light many countries had seen at the end of the tunnel.  

This presentation will: 

  • Put the evolution of Delta in the context of the pandemic to date 
  • Highlight the changes in Delta that make it such a formidable adversary 
  • Discuss their implications for effective future responses to the evolving threat of COVID-19  

About the Speaker 
Dr. Tim Brown is a Senior Fellow in the Research Program at the East-West Center and heads the Center’s HIV modeling team, which produces the tools used by national HIV programs and modeling teams throughout Asia. His primary focus is on infectious disease modeling and its applications to public policy. He currently works with UNAIDS, Global Fund, Avenir Health, and other global and national partners to develop HIV estimation and projection tools and methodologies for countries, apply these to comprehensive policy analyses of HIV epidemics and effective responses to them, and support the development of improved strategic information systems in Asia and the Pacific. Like many working in HIV, Dr. Brown has been drawn into efforts to respond to the COVID pandemic in the last year and a half. In a previous incarnation, he obtained his Ph.D. in High Energy Theoretical Physics from the University of Hawaii. 


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