EWC-KOSTAT Conference on The Demographic Dividend and Population Aging in Asia


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When: Oct 29 2015 (All day) until Oct 30 2015 (All day)
Where: EWC

Changes in age structure are an inevitable consequence of the demographic transition that is occurring all over the world. Many countries in Asia, in particular, are experiencing demographic transition at an unprecedented speed.  The first demographic dividend occurred in many Asian countries because of the effect of fertility decline on the number of dependent children. However, the connection between the demographic dividend and economic growth is not automatic. The magnitude of the benefit will depend, for example, on the ability of the economy to absorb and productively employ the large influx of young workers due to previously high fertility.  East Asian countries and some Southeast Asian countries are far along in their demographic transition, and beginning to experience rapid population aging. Responses to population aging can also lead to very different economic outcomes. The EWC-KOSTAT conference is organized to bring together researchers to present new research on the economic effects of demographic transition and aging in Asia, particularly focusing on updated trends, causes, and policy responses of demographic changes in Asia.

Coordinators:  Ronald Lee (University of California at Berkeley), Sang-Hyop Lee, and Andrew Mason

Primary Contact Info:
Name: Carolyn Eguchi
Phone: 808-944-7510