Exploring Feminist Genealogies and Building Democratic Futures to End Violence


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When: Mar 8 2021 - 1:00pm until Mar 8 2021 - 2:30pm
Where: Zoom

Women can change the course of history. This has been evident in the United States for decades, where even as women of color have suffered most from gendered harassment and violence, they have also been on the frontlines of change. Recently, women of color bookended of one of the most divisive US presidencies ever: The Women’s March marked the beginning of Trump’s presidency, and the votes of women of color marked the end of his presidency. Over this period, Aleyamma Mathew (APLP Generation 5) has continued to amplify the voices and work of women of color as they advocate domestically and build transnational networks for change. Ms. Mathew directs The Collective Future Fund, which identifies, funds, and uplifts distinguished action to eliminate sexual harassment and violence. Join us to hear her talk about why this work is important and the path that has led her to it. She’ll talk about what she has learned along the way, and share some of her biggest questions.  

About Aleyamma Mathew

Aleyamma Mathew, APLP G5, is the Executive Director of The Collective Future Fund. One of 116 organizations to benefit from MacKenzie Scott’s Giving Pledge, the Fund was recently awarded $5 Million to support its critical work. The Fund brings together social justice movements, survivors, and donors to heal, resource, and mobilize, and thus shape a collective future free from sexual harassment and violence. The Fund prioritizes efforts that are led by women of color, and envisions a world in which all women and girls––cisgender, transgender, and gender non-conforming––can live, learn, and work in safety and dignity. Ms. Mathew previously worked for the Ms. Foundation for Women, directing their Women’s Economic Justice efforts. She is an alumna of the fifth cohort of the East-West Center’s Asia Pacific Leadership Program. 


About Ariel Jacobson

This discussion will be moderated by Ariel Jacobson, Special Advisor to The Collective Future Fund. Ms. Jacobson works with organizations, networks, and foundations dedicated to advancing gender, racial, and economic justice. She is passionate about art, storytelling, and narrative as pathways to a future where violence is no longer the norm.




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