New approaches to governance and economic self-reliance in Pacific Island societies


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International Research Seminar

When: Jan 21 2009 (All day) until Jan 22 2009 (All day)
Where: East-West Center

The Pacific has entered a new era which calls for a reassessment of the approaches we take to the issues facing us. In a rapidly changing world, Pacific communities need to find their proper place, a place that will bring real and lasting benefits to local communities.

Measuring the challenges the countries and communities have to develop tools which are the most adapted to their current situation and their ambitions of short and long term and reinforce the implementation of policies and action plans.

For example, the French Territories and the three Micronesian states in free association with the United States are increasingly seeking to reduce years of substantial economic support from Paris and Washington. Yet there is surprisingly little comparative analysis of these new efforts to understand the implications of such reductions, or how these efforts may lead to greater self reliance.

The relationships among local, national and regional entities is also closely related to the broader issue of sovereignty. Thus, we need to know the nature of this sovereignty and its limits. It is a fact that an element of effective sovereignty is transferred from the State to a larger grouping every time a country signs a treaty or convention, or indeed joins a regional or international organization. A globalizing world will continue to lead the Pacific communities into a more complex definition of sovereignty, one that seems bound to depart further from the old, classical concept of the nation-state. 


  • To reinforce the capacities of research and expertise and to optimize the impact of programs and actions favoring development of their communities.
  • To reinforce the role and the visibility of the French Pacific universities, in international networks in particular, by promoting partnerships.
  • To promote examination of economic policies in the French and American affiliated Pacific, with particular emphasis on the prospects for fostering greater economic self-reliance

This gathering will engage scholars and policymakers from the Pacific and continental capitals to shed light on where these new approaches may lead us over the medium and long term.


This seminar is for faculty, scholars, executives of the national, local and regional administrations, diplomatic representatives, civil society, and other interested individuals.


Registration is free. All other seminar expenses are the responsibility of participants.


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