Past East-West Center Events


This is a listing of older East-West Center events (newer listed first). See Events to get the list of current or upcoming events.

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AIJI Special Presentation: “TIME FOR JUSTICE” Two Films About The Khmer Rouge Tribunal

AIJI is a collaboration of the East-West Center and the War Crimes Studies Center at the University...

John A. Burns Hall, 3015 (Third Floor) Aug 16 2007 (All day)
Aug 16 2007 (All day)
Seminar: Integration Strategies for ASEAN: Alone, Together, or With Neighbors?

Early initiatives geared toward deepening economic integration in ASEAN were relatively superficial...

John A. Burns Hall, 3012 (3rd Floor), Noon - 1:00 pm Aug 17 2007 (All day)
Aug 17 2007 (All day)
Asian Studies in Asia: A Higher Education Faculty & Curriculum Development Initiative for Asia and the United States

This is a three-day planning meeting for representatives of leading universities in Southeast Asia...

Honolulu, Hawaii Aug 20 2007 (All day)
Aug 23 2007 (All day)
Seminar: Seasonal Climate Forecasts and Environmental Risk Management: Asia Pacific Experience

Rashed Chowdhury is a Research Scientist at the Pacific ENSO Applications Center (PEAC), and...

JAB 3012 (3rd Floor) noon - 1:00 pm Aug 21 2007 (All day)
Aug 21 2007 (All day)
Seminar: Translating Research into Better Decisions about Risk

Melissa L. Finucane is a Senior Research Investigator at the Pacific Center for Health Research...

JAB 3012 (3rd Floor) noon - 1:00 p.m. Aug 22 2007 (All day)
Aug 22 2007 (All day)
Seminar: Vulnerability, Resilience, and Participation: Learning to Adapt to Rapidly Changing Environmental Hazards

Thomas Webler is Core Faculty in the Department of Environmental Studies at Antioch University New...

JAB 3012 (3rd Floor) noon - 1:00 p.m. Aug 23 2007 (All day)
Aug 23 2007 (All day)
Noontime Seminar

Speaker: Dr. Shyam Menon, Professor of Education, University of Delhi Societies like India that...

Burns Hall 2118 Aug 27 2007 (All day)
Aug 27 2007 (All day)
Illustrated Discussion with Guest Curator, Mark Rapoport, M.D.

2:00 - 3:00 p.m.  Exhibition: Shaman Arts of Vietnam July 1 - September 10, 2007East-West...

EWC Gallery Sep 9 2007 (All day)
Sep 9 2007 (All day)
The Changing Profile of India and the Impact on U.S.–India Relations

11:30 a.m. RegistrationNoon - 1:30 p.m. Lunch & ProgramLuncheon Cost: $20.00 co-sponsor members...

East-West Center Hawai’i Imin International Conference Center Garden Level Sep 10 2007 (All day)
Sep 10 2007 (All day)
Seminar: Governance for Human Development in Asia and the Pacific - Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice

JAB 3012 (3rd Floor) noon - 1:00 pm Sep 18 2007 (All day)
Sep 18 2007 (All day)