The Role of Biofuels in China's Renewable Energy Development


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Research Program Brown Bag Seminar

When: Jul 10 2007 (All day)
Where: Burns Hall, Room 3012

The Role of Biofuels in China’s Renewable Energy Development

Kang Wu – Senior Fellow

 July 10, 2007, 12:00 – 1:00 pm

John A. Burns Hall, Room 3012, 3rd floor

Biofuels are established concepts in the field of energy; environmental consciousness and the skyrocketing prices of traditional/fossil fuels have brought biofuels back to life from the backburner. Biofuels can reduce carbon emissions, strengthen energy independence, and offer a supplement at present and a potential backstop in the future to petroleum.

Developed (e.g., US, Canada, EU) and developing nations (e.g., Brazil, India, China) alike have turned to biofuels with high hopes for a partial solution to their growing demands for transportation fuels. Only time can dictate whether biofuels will live up to their hyped expectations. Individual countries have created incentives to research, develop, and manage biofuels differently. China’s biofuels development has global implications. China’s approach to biofuels development may be an important lesson for other countries attempting to develop biofuels in their own countries. Feedstock, technology, and biofuels trade continue to increase. China has already solidified itself as a major world player in biofuels. China trails behind only Brazil and the US in net biofuel production and consumption.

This presentation is based on a working paper co-authored by Caleb R.O’Kray and Kang Wu, which looks at biofuels development in the context of China’s renewable energy framework. In addition to an examination of the role of biofuels in China’s renewable energy development and policies, obstacles to biofuels development will also be discussed.

Kang Wu is a Senior Fellow at the East-West Center, and conducts energy and economic research activities with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region.Dr. Wu specializes in studies of energy policies, security, demand, supply, trade, and market developments, as well as energy-economic links, oil and gas issues, and the impact of fossil energy consumption on the environment.Dr. Wu studies China energy issues extensively and supervises the China energy research activities at the Center.In addition, he is familiar with oil and gas sector issues in other major Asia-Pacific countries and the region as a whole.Dr. Wu is the author and co-author of numerous journal articles, project reports, professional studies, conference papers, book, and other publications.

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