Seminar: Democratic Elections and Asian Financial Markets


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Seminar on Economics by Jonathan Krieckhaus, Associate Professor, University of Missouri, POSCO Fellow, East-West Center

When: Jul 19 2007 (All day)
Where: John A. Burns Hall, 3012 (Third Floor)

The Asian financial crisis of 1997 vividly demonstrated the extent to which international capital markets affect developing countries. In this context, it is worrisome that contemporary theory and evidence from Latin America suggests that investors react negatively to democratic elections, leading to higher interest rates and economic vulnerability. Does this problem afflict the new democracies of Asia? If so, how common and how serious is such capital flight during democratic elections in Asia? Dr. Krieckhaus will answer these questions with evidence from eight Asian nations from 1994 to 2006, utilizing cross-sectional time-series analysis of daily bond data in four nations and monthly equity data in eight nations.

Dr. Jonathan "Vanya" Krieckhaus is at the East-West Center on a POSCO Fellowship.He is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Missouri.His previous research has focused on the political economy of development, addressing such questions as how democracy influences economic growth, and how colonialism has structured states and societies around the globe.

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Name: Anna Tanaka
Phone: 808-944-7607