Seminar: Developmentalism As A Legacy Of Flying Geese Paradigm


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Economics Seminar by Taichi Tabuchi, Professor, Yamaguchi University; Visiting Scholar, EWC

When: Jun 26 2008 (All day)
Where: John A. Burns Hall, 3012 (Third Floor), 12 Noon - 1:00 PM
Flying Geese Model, or "Flying Geese Theory of Economic Development", is one of
a few influential economic theories of Japanese origin, which seemed to explain
adequately the so-called 'market-driven' East Asian integration process until the
late 1990s. Nowadays, it is said (e.g., by METI and World Bank) that the Flying
Geese theory has collapsed because it implies economic determinism and so it
can only explain catching up, not overtaking.
Indeed it has fatal flaws as a positive theory in that it is based on
methodological nationalism and that it focuses on inter-industry relocation and
trade, but does not explain vertical intra-industry trade. However, this
kind of
argument for a collapse of Flying Geese ignores the original implications of
this theory. Professor Tabuchi will reexamine the theory and find that the
original theory of K. Akamatsu and K. Kojima had
affinity to 'developmentalism,' i.e., 'a theory or policy of industrialization
from the standpoint of nationalism.' Based on these understandings, he will
discuss some significance that the Flying Geese theory might still have on
normative problems.

Professor Tabuchi is currently
an East-West Center Visiting Scholar. His main research areas are international
trade theory, international finance and history of political economy. He has written numerous articles and
co-authored books on the areas, and published a book on history of
international trade and finance theory in 2006, titled Trade, Money & Power (in Japanese).Now he has started a study on East Asian
economic integration. Professor Tabuchi is a member of the Faculty of
Economics, Yamaguchi University in Japan, teaching International Economics and
International Macroeconomics.

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Name: Anna Tanaka
Phone: 808-944-7607