Seminar: Global Climate Change: The Growing Role of the Asia-Pacific Region


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Research Program Brown Bag Seminar

When: Apr 29 2008 (All day)
Where: John A. Burns Hall, Room 3012

Global Climate Change: The Growing Role of the
Asia-Pacific Region

Toufiq Siddiqi – Adjunct Senior Fellow

Tuesday, April 29,

John A. Burns Hall,
Room 3012, 3rd Floor

International negotiations for
drafting a successor to the Kyoto Protocol have already commenced, and are
expected to be completed by 2009. While the Kyoto Protocol required limitations
on greenhouse gas emissions from only the industrialized countries, the vast
increases in the emissions from developing countries, particularly in Asia, have led to calls for some commitments from these
countries as well in a successor Protocol.

At the heart of the negotiations
are issues of equity -- between
countries, within countries, and between generations. The presentation
will focus on some of these issues, and how the role of the Asia Pacific
countries has changed in the years since the Kyoto Protocol was signed. In
particular, the trends in emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil energy
sources will be examined, as well as the options to reduce these emissions
while ensuring the availability of adequate energy supplies for economic
development. Some suggestions on possible ways for the industrialized countries
and the larger countries of the region such as China,
India, and Indonesia to
reach an Agreement limiting future greenhouse gas emissions will also be

Toufiq Siddiqi
is an Adjunct Senior Fellow in the Research Program at the East-West Center,
and President of Global Environment and Energy in the 21st Century,
a non-profit organization based in Hawaii. At the EWC, he initiated the program
on "The Environmental Dimensions of Energy Policies" in 1980 and on mitigation
strategies to address global climate change in 1989. Dr. Siddiqi served as the
Regional Advisor on Energy at the United Nations Economic and Social Commission
for Asia and the Pacific from 1995-97. He has
been a consultant to the United Nations Development Programme, the World Bank,
the Asian Development Bank, and the U.S. Agency for International Development.
He was a lead author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and was
the first Visiting Senior Fellow at the Global Environment Facility in Washington, DC.
He is a former President of the Hawaii Academy of Science.

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