Seminar: Korean Internet Diffusion Model


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Population Seminar by KyoungYong Jee, Director/Principal Researcher, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI); Visiting Scholar, EWC

When: Jun 10 2008 (All day)
Where: John A. Burns Hall, Room 3012 (Third Floor), 12 Noon - 1:00 PM

The most major stream of current human society is
the emergence of new modality. It is based
on the great influx of Information Technology (IT) technologies to our daily
life. In such swift progress of technical innovation and development, Korea undoubtedly
became one of the most remarkable subjects of study for many developing
Especially the accomplishment
of broadband Internet service in Korea is in the limelight as a
representative learning precedent for the developing countries in Asia Pacific
region. In regards with achieving the enormous market growth of broadband
Internet in Korea
there are some noteworthy facts: the Korean Government's proactive attitude,
affluent engineers
, and
spontaneous interests of society. Therefore, most papers depict Korean Internet
diffusion model from the viewpoint of supply push

. But I believe
Korean success is intermingled outcome of key factors from supply-push and
demand-pull. Moreover, demand-pull is more important and persuasive to understand
Korean real success. In this paper, some key factors relating to the Korean
success will be illustrated in detail for future references of developing
and island studies at EWC.

Currently an East-West Center Visiting Scholar, Dr. KyoungYong Jee is a principal researcher, director, and professor at ETRI.
He received a Ph.D. degree in telecom economics from Hanyang
University, Seoul, in 19
93. Dr. Jee
has been working as a member of a national expert group for many years.
His current area of concern is an interdisciplinary field
mixed with economic analysis and marketing
in the IT
field. His main focus is to find a new
growth engine for Korean economy by building convergence model with IT, Bio
Technology (BT), and Nano Technology (NT).

He is also working for International
Telecommunication Union (ITU)-D, Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT) as a chair or
rapporteur. He has
published more than
500 papers, books, reports, and presentations.
His publications include: Factors Influencing Strategic Use of IT and Its
Impact on Business Performance of SMEs"
(ETRI Journal, 2007) u-Healthcare Market Forecast under
Ubiquitous Environment
(International Conference for u-Hospital, 2007) Korean IT Industry: Challenge and Creative
Destruction (
Global ITTP, 2007), The
Broadband Challenge in Asia and the Korean Experience
(Senegal Government, 2006),
Healthcare Service in Ubiquitous
(The Korean Society of Medical Informatics, 2006).

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Phone: 944-7607