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Why Have Children? A Woman’s Dilemma in a Chinese Metropolis by Jacqueline Adams, Visiting Scholar/Research Associate, Center for Latin American Studies, University of California

When: Oct 30 2007 (All day)
Where: John Burns Hall 3012

Hong Kong Chinese women are ambivalent about having children, associating it with considerable financial outlays, a “sacrifice” of personal and work time, “hard work,” “responsibility,” and a host of other unattractive outcomes. They live in a climate of choice in which not to have a child is becoming acceptable, and the way of life of many of their peers. Demographic studies of very low fertility contexts such as Hong Kong focus on why individuals delay, avoid, or have few children. What makes individuals wish to have children at all, when they see it as a costly enterprise, is a neglected question. This paper, based on in-depth interviews with would-be Chinese mothers in Hong Kong, examines the basis of their desire for a child, and the cultural, economic, and gender role developments that explain the meaning parenthood holds for them.


Dr. Jacqueline Adams is an East-West Center Visiting Fellow. She conducts research on Asia and Latin America. Her Asian research examines the meaning of children for Chinese men and women in Hong Kong. With Latin America, her interest is in the role of art in pro-democracy struggles against dictatorships, a topic about which she is completing a book, Art and Human Rights, with the University of Texas Press. Her Chilean research earned her a 2007 award from the Pacific Sociological Association. Dr. Adams is associate editor of the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography and on the editorial board of Sociological Perspectives.  She received her Ph.D. at the University of Essex, U.K.

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