Seminar: The Quandaries of China’s Rise - Sino-Capitalism versus Anglo-American Capitalism


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Brownbag Seminar by Christopher A. McNally

When: Oct 16 2007 (All day)
Where: JAB 3012 (3rd Floor) noon - 1:00 pm

This seminar presents
a macro-analysis of China's
emergent political economy, especially the key quandaries facing the world
as China
undergoes a capitalist transition.
I posit that China's
international ascent is generating Sino-capitalism – a global capitalist system
that differs from Anglo-American capitalism in important respects.
Sino-capitalism relies on informal business networks rather than on legal codes
and transparent rules. It also assigns the Chinese state a leading role in
fostering and guiding capitalist accumulation. Sino-capitalism and
Anglo-American capitalism have enjoyed a period of beneficial synergy, but are
now coming into increasing conflict. The geopolitical dimension, in which both
systems will vie to govern the global political economy, promises to be
especially contentious. However, the biggest quandary lies in the ecological
realm. Neither form of capitalism has solved one of the basic contradictions of
capitalist political economies: the need to increase throughputs (production,
consumption, and waste generation) in an ecological system with limited
resources. The early 21st century's biggest challenge will be how to
manage the ascent of Sino-capitalism, while avoiding hegemonic competition and
addressing the economic, geopolitical, and ecological quandaries created by China's

Christopher A.
is a political economist studying the interests, institutions, and ideas underlying
formations of capitalism. At present
, his research focuses on
contemporary varieties of capitalism, in particular the nature and logic of China's
capitalist transition. He is also working on a book project that studies the
implications of China's
capitalist renaissance on the global order.

Dr. McNally has held fellowships conducting fieldwork and
research at the Asia Research Centre in West Australia, the Institute of Asia Pacific
Studies at the Chinese
University of Hong
Kong, and at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. He received
his Ph.D. in political science from the University
of Washington in Seattle.

He has edited three volumes, including most recently an
examination of China's
political economy: China's Emergent Political Economy – Capitalism in the
Dragon's Lair
(forthcoming with
Routledge, 2008)
. He has also authored over a dozen academic articles in
journals such as The China Quarterly,
Asian Perspective and Comparative Social Research, and
numerous policy analyses and editorials.

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Phone: 944-7531