Seminar on Recent Developments in and the Prospects for Asian Spatial Demography


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When: Apr 30 2008 (All day)
Where: John Burns Hall room 2012


Seminar on Population and Health

Recent Developments in and the Prospects for Asian Spatial Demography


Peter Xenos
Senior Fellow, East-West Center

Wednesday, April 30, 2008
12:00 – 1:00 pm

John A. Burns Hall
Room 2012, 2nd floor

Most demographic analysis is conducted at national scale, with perhaps some limited attention to urban versus rural and broad regional differences. Local-area variations, not to mention the systematics of demography as a spatial system have not been much attended to. However, a spatially disaggregated demographic analysis is increasingly needed and, at the same time, increasingly feasible. This presentation explores the two parts of this statement. Thus, spatial data and analysis are often crucial to program design and evaluation, are a central element of much business demography, figure centrally in studies of inequality, and underpin the multi-level modeling of place versus personal influences on health outcomes and other topics. All of these take on greater importance with the drive across much of Asia in recent years toward administrative and budgeting decentralization. It is therefore fortunate that managing large-scale spatially disaggregated datasets in demography is much more feasible than before. Examples are given of such data systems, usually linked to small-area map files in a GIS framework.

It has become realistic therefore to consider an expanded agenda of demographic research in spatial demography. Some elements of that research agenda are considered and examples of the speaker's on-going research in spatial demography are described.

Peter Xenos is Senior Fellow at the East-West Center. His research has focused recently on topics in Asian spatial demography, including the modeling of inter-provincial migration in Vietnam and the Philippines, a study of the rural-urban continuum and peri-urban places in Vietnam, and studies of the geography of minority groups in Vietnam, the Philippines and Thailand.

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