Seminar: Seasonal Climate Forecasts and Environmental Risk Management: Asia Pacific Experience


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Seminar by Rashed Chowdhury

When: Aug 21 2007 (All day)
Where: JAB 3012 (3rd Floor) noon - 1:00 pm

Rashed Chowdhury is a Research
Scientist at the Pacific ENSO Applications Center (PEAC), and conducts research
and produces application-oriented information products on climate variability
and related to El Nino – Southern Oscillation (ENSO) climate cycle in the Pacific Islands.In addition, he also studies climate variability and seasonal flood
potential in the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna
basin system in South Asia. Dr. Chowdhury's
research interests centers on addressing problems related to hazards
mitigation, risk management, and climate variability/change with particular
interest to the Asia Pacific region.Dr.
Chowdhury received his MS and Ph.D in Urban and Regional Planning from Tsukuba University
in Japan.

Chowdhury is the author and co-author of numerous journal articles, conference
papers, and other publications. Some of his publications include "Consensus
Seasonal Flood Forecasts and Warning Response System – An Alternate for Flood
Management in Bangladesh," in Environmental
(2005); "Residents' Attitude to Hazards and Environment:
Findings from the floodplains of Mito and Hitachinaka-Shi Japan," co-authored
with T. Sato in Newsletter of Climate
Impact and Application
(2001); and "Landowners' Interactions with
Decision-making – Evidence from Residential Development and Floodplain Encroachment
in Dhaka, Bangladesh," co-authored with T. Sato in Newsletter of Climate Impact and Application (2001). Dr. Chowdhury
is also a regular contributor to several Bangla and English daily newspapers in

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